Anna Andreadi


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Γλυπτο απο Αννα Ανδρεαδη

Μπρουτζος, πατινα σκουρου μπρουτζου

Διαστασεις: 25x16x3 εκ

Δωρεαν Μεταφορικα


Sculpture by Anna Andreadi

Bronze, Dark Bronze Patina

Size: 25x16x3cm

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The Artist:

"Swinging" is a handmade bronze sculpture.

It carries my signature and it is available on a small, up to 50, similar, limited numbering basis.

Each sculpture has been created with special care.
Shapes and textures are formed using traditional means, like tiles, wire brushes, cutters and silver melds.

My inspiration themes revolve mainly around human forms and are concerned with little everyday goals of balance and harmony between opposed, controversial things in nature and in principle.

The nature of handcrafting ensures that every piece created is unique.

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